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  • Response to the iCollege Limited Takeover Offer

    Supplementary Target’s Statement - 19 Aug 2021    
    Your Directors recommend that you ACCEPT ICT's Offer.    
    Bid Implementation Agreement - 12 August 2021  
    Target's Statement - April 30 2021    

  • Response to the UCW Limited Takeover Offer

    Document Name Download
    Target’s Statement

    Your Directors recommend that you REJECT UCW's Offer.

  • Recent Updates

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    FY2021 Annual Report
    Trading Update Aug 2021
    FY2021 Market Update May 
    FY2021 Market Update Jan
    FY2020 AGM Chairman and CEO Addresses
    FY2020 Full Year Results Presentation
    FY2020 Annual Report
    2020 Corporate Governance Statement

  • Governance

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    2021 Corporate Governance Statement
    Board Charter
    Charter of the audit and risk management committee
    Charter of the nomination committee
    Charter of the remuneration committee
    Code of Conduct
    Code of Conduct – Directors and Senior Officers
    Conflicts of Interest and Directors Interests Policy
    Constitution of RedHill Education Limited
    Corporate Governance Statement
    Employee Incentive Plan Rules

  • Financial Reports

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    23/09/2021 FY2021 Annual Report 
    27/08/2021 FY2021 Preliminary Financial Report (Appendix 4E)
    26/02/2021 FY2021 Interim Financial Report
    24/09/2020 FY2020 Annual Report
    27/08/2020 FY2020 Full Year Results Presentation
    27/02/2020 FY2020 Half Year Report
    26/08/2019 FY2019 Annual Report
    21/02/2019 FY2019 Half Year Report
    20/09/2018 FY2018 Annual Report
    21/02/2018 FY2018 Half Year Report
    25/09/2017 FY2017 Annual Report
    22/02/2017 FY2017 Half Year Report
    19/10/2016 FY2016 Annual Report PDF Download 
    27/09/2016 FY2016 Half Year Report PDF Download 
    27/09/2015 FY2015 Annual Report PDF Download 
    06/03/2015 FY2015 Half Year Report
    25/09/2014 FY2014 Annual Report PDF Download 
    14/02/2014 FY2014 Half Year Report
    24/09/2013 FY2013 Annual Report
    13/02/2013 FY2013 Half Year Report
    28/09/2012 FY2012 Annual Report
    28/02/2012 FY2012 Half Year Report
    31/08/2011 2011 Financial Report (Appendix 4E)
    28/02/2011 Half Year Report and Accounts
    01/10/2010 Special purpose annual report for the year ended 30 June 2010

  • Share Registry

    Share Registry

    Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited
    Level 4, 60 Carrington Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000
    Ph 02 8234 5000

  • Policies

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    Continuous Disclosure Policy
    Diversity Policy
    Fraud and Corruption Policy  
    Privacy Policy
    Risk Management Policy
    Securities Trading Policy
    Whistleblower Protection Policy