About us

RedHill Education Limited (RedHill) is an Australia-based company which was founded in 2006 and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2010.

RedHill’s portfolio of high-quality education brands operate at the premium end of the private education market to capitalise on the demand for higher education, vocational training, and English language programmes. Our campuses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane deliver relevant and practical courses that create job-ready graduates. In addition, many of RedHill’s courses are delivered online to provide students with flexible learning options.

RedHill also provides education agency support via its Go Study Australia brand to prospective international students located in Europe and Latin America who are considering international study options, and we continue to support those students throughout their learning journeys in Australia.

We are a team of determined and passionate people who believe that education changes lives. We focus on offering engaging and industry-relevant courses to our students, and strive to operate applying best industry practices in our course delivery, student support services, academic governance and industry engagement.